Newsletters/Blogs to follow for Ruby on Rails Developers

One of the pitfalls of being open source is that its changing constantly and changing very fast. To be an employable developer you have to be on top of the game and keep your skills sharp.

The best way to keep on top of the game I’ve found is by following newsletters and the blogs by people who are much better than me.

Below I’ve curated some blogs / newsletters that I like to follow.

Some of them don’t have a newsletter. For those who don’t, I prefer to subscribe using RSS.

  • Ruby Weekly A great newsletters as its name suggests runs weekly. It curates the best of articles around Ruby and Ruby on Rails. A lot of companies also sponsors slots on this newsletter. As a result it is a great place to discover services in the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

  • Thoughtbot Blog Thoughtbot one of the best Ruby on Rails shops out there. They’re also the creators of popular testing gem FactoryGirl and file upload gem Paperclip. Their blog is Great for looking at solutions that actually work in production. Because they create software for a diverse set of clients, their blog posts always give multiple solutions to the same problem.

  • Justin Weiss Blog A solid Ruby/Rails blog from an experienced Rails Developer and author. Generally focused on articles that would be good for intermediate developers.

  • Arkency Blog Arkency is a Rails Shop based out of Poland. They have a blog post almost every other day and they tend to keep their posts foucsed on the technical side of things. Apart from Rails they also write a lot about using reactjs with rails.

  • Official Rails Blog More of a change log than a blog, but something Rails developers should look into once in a while especially since Rails changes so fast.

  • Ruby Inside Probably one of the most popular Ruby blogs out there.

  • CodeBeerStartups This blog is not as active as of late. However the archive is worth a visit.

  • Ruby Flow - A sort of Techmeme or HackerNews for the Ruby community. As a result its bit more of a hit or miss in terms of quality of content. A place to check out once in a while for some interesting posts but if its something really good, you’ll most likely find it first in the Ruby Weekly newsletter.

  • Ruby on Rails Subreddit Also another place where a lot of Rails content is aggregated. On a day to day basis its not that great, but sort things monthly and weekly for some good posts. Check the gif below to see how. Sort Rails subreddit by week

Non-Rails specific Blogs / Newsletters

Being a great Rails developer is often not just about code. Being able to deploy servers, understanding the business case for the product is just as important. Below I’ve listed some great blogs that are not Rails focused, but rather things useful for Rails developers to know about either way.

Servers for Hackers Deploying Rails application is probably one of the hardest things in the Rails ecosystem. Though there are conventions for almost everything in Rails, deploying rails applications have surprisinly few. Yes there are solutions like Heroku, but it can get really expensive really fast. If you want to be able to host a side project that can handle a few thousand visitors and have a reasonable size db, you need to host yourself. The main challenge around this is learning how to start doing it. Follow this newsletter to learn some of the more advanced techniques.

SaaS Weekly is a curation of articles around the SaaS space. I can’t recommend it enough if you work for a product company. If its just 1 non-technical newsletter that you want to follow, make it this one. You will not regret it.

Dev Hack: Browse all the past issues of SaaS weekly without subscribing by visiting this link. Go to the next issue by changing the last number in the link.

Kalzumeus (Patio11) Its hard to describe this blog. Its a combination of marketing, self branding, SEO and much more. Get a feel of what his blog is really about by going through his greatest hits.


Being a good Rails developer in the long run depends heavily on your ability to constantly learn. Following the best people from the rails world ensures that you spend your time learning from the best in the world.

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